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Introduction Page

Welcome to "TIME VOYAGERS"
Poetry and Extreme Imagery site.
Alot of you know me online as Scarlet, the Extreme Imaging artist. My real life name is Pamela.
When I went to school at Florida State, I belonged to the sorority Gamma Phi Beta. There, during "Rush", I met what was to be my best and life-long friend, Jenny.
We were inseparable. I immediately found that we had alot in common and were very comfortable with each other.
Not only did we go to school, football games and lots of "Greek" parties, we would find ourselves spending countless nights sitting up, delving deep into philosophical thoughts and theories, trying to solve our lives; trying to solve the world....
The two of us had become sisters..as they would say "bound at the hip"...
However, I had to leave the school, in order to continue my studies up north. We stayed in touch for several years with alternating visits but eventually we lost track of each other.
Then, one day, 2 months ago, I looked in my internet mailbox and I could not believe my eyes.!!!
Because of metatags and my websites, I am registered in Google and she found my email address there.
Since then, we have talked almost every day, catching up on our lives, our loves, what we have missed happening after oh so many years....
We both always wrote Poetry and since I have been Extreme Imaging for about 4 years now I thought we should colloborate on a website together.
This is just the beginning....
I have over one thousand images and her as many poems, so please BOOKMARK this site.
We want to keep the material new and fresh so most of it will be what we create recently but some of it, the pieces that we think are worthwhile from the past, will be presented also.
We hope you enjoy our endeavor.
You are looking at the very depth of our existence, where our bodies leave off and our spirits exist so please keep that in mind.
Our Poetry, even my Imaging at times, bears everything that we ARE...

Jenny & Pamela (Scarlet)


Hi. My name is Jenny and I've been writing poetry since I was 15 years old.
I think what inspired me to write was my love for music. The words that I heard in songs always had such meaning behind them that I wanted to express myself in that same fashion.
I started to learn how to play a guitar in 7th grade. My best friend played and I thought it would be really cool to learn so that we could play and sing together. Our favorite music to play was by "Simon & Garfunkel" and "Peter, Paul and Mary".
The first poem that I actually wrote was "FADED GLORY", which I originally had titled "UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF EMILY DICKINSON". All of a sudden the words just came...and I haven't stopped writing since.
After high school I went directly to college and majored in Classical Guitar. After about 3 semesters I decided that "having" to play guitar was too stressful and took my enjoyment away so I changed my major to Sociology/Psychology, with a minor in Theatre and Music.
After graduating college, I moved from Tallahassee to South Florida where I began my association with a Theatre called "STAGE COMPANY". I did everything from "props" to "set construction", to "acting". That lasted for about 3 years until the theatre closed.
From there, I was fortunate to get a job at the Courthouse, where I was introduced to and taught the knowledge needed for my continuing and still present occupation.
I work in the field of Real Estate as a manager of a Title Insurance plant. I have done this for the past 25 years.
Almost 18 years ago one of my childhood dreams came true. I adopted a beautiful baby boy.
He was truly "my dream come true"!!!
Time goes by so quickly and he is now getting ready to graduate high school. He has a passion for the Arts as I do and he has studied Theatre and Music since he was in fourth grade.
I presently live in South Florida with my partner of 14 years, along with my 3 dogs and 3 cats. I love to travel, take long walks on the beach, go boating, fishing and love to write.
Life is my inspiration.
Remaining true to one's self beliefs is my goal.
I have a strong faith in God that I continually rely on for guidance and direction.

***I dedicate these poems to my mother, Mary, who sadly passed away in October 1996. Her zest for life and the unconditional love she bestowed on her family and friends will always serve as a great inspiration to me. She never read any of my poems, as I kept them tucked away and hidden from view. It is not until I was recently reunited with my long lost, but now found, friend Pamela, that I was inspired by her and her work to bring my poems out of hiding.
I hope you enjoy what you read. Very special people inspired these writings. Many hours and tears and conclusions and realizations fill these pages.
Please read them with care.
You are holding my life in your hands

Jenny is very much still in my life, for she will always be my lifelong friend. I was supposed to go down to Florida to be with her and her partner in their home to recuperate. However, we had no way of getting me down there, unable to afford medical transportation. I will start update this site again as soon as I can.
This is a "Message From Our Souls" and is very special to us both. --Scarlet

-- Jenny


Full Biography

My name is Pamela, aka, Scarlet Pirate Voyager.
The art that embraces my life full-time is known as
Extreme Digital Imagery.

My medium for creating these pieces is not a computer but rather limited to MsnTv and I do all of my work out of Image Magick Studios.
The main goal of this unique art form is to take something, usually a graphic found online, and to turn it into someting Extreme yet still recognizable.
The ability to still have a piece of art, not just a blob, blur or blip but something evoking recognition and/or emotion is the true tale.

Current Status
The morning of April 9th, 2003,
I awoke with terrible pains in my head and eyes, my right eye swollen shut and blurred vision in the left.
Immediately seeking medical help, I was initially diagnosed with a "stye".
2 weeks later and a worsening condition, I was hospitalized.
Catscans revealed a brain tumor behind my eyes, resting on my brain.
Since then I have sought help from many specialists, hospitals, have had radiation treatment, steroidal treatments, only to be told, at this point in time, that because of the location, if anything more aggressively is done I will be permanently blind.
Due to the medications I am on , helping to keep the swelling somewhat in check, I regained some of the eyesight I initially lost. I am still somewhat incapacitated, holding in a much more remissive state though since the radiation.
My faith in God keeps me motivated, taking one day at a time, as a premise to not get overwhelmed.
Unfortunately, I lost my best friend, who also happened to be my mother, in February of this year.
That has taken me to a place so devastasting, compared to my physical condition, that I could never have imagined.

All I ask of you is your thoughts & prayers at this time.

Other problems broke out including a growth in cancer, my intestines and my liver having to be rebuilt. After that, my first day in rehab, I fell, broke my hip and shatttered my femur completely. I now have titanium implants there. I am so glad to be home, it has been a long haul. Please keep me in your prayers that I am allowed to find some peace, harmony and most of all, a road back to health.
Things have changed quite a bit in my "internet" world. Everything happens for a reason so HOPE for happiness must be kept on the forefront...

***Special Tribute
To my mother, MamaLu, who I just lost February 22, 2005.
Everything I do, I do for you...

**Also, to my "Greek Mama Mary", who used to stuff me with meatballs and even tuck me into bed...I miss you too!!! What a wonderful, loving person she was and how very special she treated me. I will never forget...

***Thank you Lefty
for everything you help me with
Even though this is the first website that I made by myself, your confidence in me, friendship and love help to keep me going.
You are, indeed, a Webmeister as well as a very special person.

Thanks to Gest for teaching me some "Tricks of the Trade" to use for website/page building.

Te Namaste,



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With Great Honor...
Jenny and myself are very proud to accept this award from this group of
Homepage/Website Officienados.

December 2008
Thank You FireLace.
Your "5 STAR AWARD" is given
with careful consideration.
We are honored...

The silver banners, "TIME VOYAGERS", were made especially for me by LadyTimeless
Thank you, Jane...

***Most of the music on this site based on the book/movie
Jonathan LIvingston Seagull


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