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Much too often
I have things to say
To the world
Reaching inside
Being creative
And to "GO DEEP"
For you to know me
See who I am

But have no voice
I cannot sing for
You a song,
There were no lessons
I cannot dance for
You a ballet

Being just a middle-aged
Artist, alone
With neither money
Nor fame
No one knows me
No seems to care to

So, all that
I am left with
Being able to
That what I feel;
Things I think;
Is to be able to
Make an image
Or pen my thoughts
Without any ink

That is...
When in the mood
For you to know me
See who I am

Wanting to shout
What life's all about...

---pamela October 2009


Lately the question
Of my fate
Has weighed heavily
On my mind

Searching many places
And people for
T.H.E. answers
To what I must
Know now...
If so be them
Always coming up

Lord, if it be Thy will
Yours to fulfill
Take me now
Rather than later

For mine is not a life
Fit for man
Nor beast
Rather a conviction
To a punishment
That there lies
No clue about....

----pamela september 30, 2009


Have you ever tried
To reach out and
Touch a cloud
Floating by?

What reason not to
Could be of such
Great importance

For lack of thought
Or the desire
To be
That child once again
Who could do

Missing in abundance
Are rays of hope
And belief
In the impossible
Shot down by too many
Too often

I should know
Almost Always,
Those clouds go past me
Without so much
As my glance
Even looking up
Or me
Even giving them
A thought...

It is not because
I do not want to
It is because
I am afraid to....

----pamela september 30, 2009

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Jenny and Pamela

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