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I am so very tired.
My mind races with things that the future might bring, places where I have not been, things that need to be done whilest, all the time, I grow older....
Too old to make my dreams come true, each one fading away, as the years mount up as my history and I am still doing nothing that I dreamed of.
How does this rut end? Ideas, concepts, things to keep me occupied,,,yet..
I am tired. And running out of hope.



Exploding into a mass of nothingness
Having everywhere to go, yet nowhere bound by something as subtle as a spider's web
Being held there by some unpenetrable force, stopped just as abruptly as the beginning was started...
Maybe even too quick for a blink of an eye to catch, could it be stone? Maybe sand...Is there no more room?



There is a place that few seldom go. It was told to me by the Wizard with his crow.
This place is very private, meant only for a few and when they find it, they are allowed to view
Thing others never do.
It is born of Innocence, expelled from Hell, those that go there, do not hurt but know only well.
It is not for many but it need not be,
It is called The Underground, come and find it with me...
Hey, Midnight Magic Man...Is it time to go?
Set me free....and allow it's Wonder to bestow.



Your eyes that see darkness in the light and light in the darkness
Have you no peace yet?
Rid yourself of that useless once protector and go.
Why do you remain trapped when you are free?
Such satisfaction given to the ones who drove you to such an extent.
Have you compassion for them?
Thier cubicle of awareness amazes me. They stare into space and see nothing, being very contented to think that such good has been done to rid themselves of something that they could not explain.
Oh my , they are foolish. They cannot see waterfalls in deserts...and oceans in the sky. They, these foolish ones, will only fade away and never know what it's like to break the realm of reality.


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Jenny and Pamela

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Jenny and Pamela

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