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Page TwentyEight


Reaching Out To Touch
No One Is There
Nothing Nowhere
Only Lessening, Tainted Air.

Fingertips Grasping
For Something
Hopes Gasping
Yet Nothing.

Trying To Dare
Not To Beware
One More Chance
For The First Time
Is Fading...

The Final Curtain
Looms Above
To Come Down
On Dreams Yet Unmet
Life's Last Quartet

Gone Is The Energy
To Dance
One Last Time

Pamela---March, 2009


Like A Roller Coaster
Emotions Go Up And Down
Leaving In Their Wake
Some Days To Wear
A Fearful Crown

Pamela---March, 2009


Men Do Tell Of Places
Heaven, Hell, Purgatory
Fear Of God Predicting

Earthbound Are We Now
Where Is His Love To See
Us Through Until Then

Seek And Ye Shall Find
It Is There; Not Obvious
Salvation Is Faith

Hard To Keep In Mind
Born In Sin But Forgiven
Mere Mortals Wavering

Pamela---March, 2009

Pamela---March, 2009

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Jenny and Pamela

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