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Each day passes by and I know not what my purpose is
Except to make sure that everything I do; everything I say should be done in such a way
As to show Respect for the world which be
and my fellow man besides me
But for being only human, I have my faults which sometimes bring me to my knees.

Dear God, give me the wisdom to know That Only Good to do
And bestow upon me the Passion which is absent
My heart weeps in echoes which I only show to you
Give me Grace...Bring me Peace...Forgive me my tresspasses and
Bring to me Love.



I cannot write poetry
that has nothing to do with human feelings.
Writing about nature does not appeal unless I tie it in with
The color of your eyes.....
Or the way you smell....
Or the way you make me feel.
So, instead of me comparing you with anything...I write about you, the way I see you...the way I feel.



Where did it all begin
The days passed, one by one.
You poured forth your light on a seemingly dark and cold ocean.
In our time occurred all of manking and all that cannot speak words of inequity.
How does one understand when one knows all?
When one has been, and is, a part of all?
Creation takes the form of growth within a physical body or one evolving in the mind, to grow with a mountain or fall with snowflake...There is pain felt.
Can knowledge be pain?
And the ocean grows dark...and the sun sets....another century has gone by



I cry out for your help.
You, the greatest of all interceders, speak for me now, in my behalf bestow upon me Thy divine Mercy and plead to my God.
I pray, I plead, I suffer and , yet, I hear nothing in return.
"Why" is what rolls off of my tongue the most often.
For I do not understand what You have in mind and that which you bring to me.
Of things lost, of days gone by and of what I have now to go armed with into every next hour.
Forgive me, I keep reminding myself of how much I have but, in my heart, I weep over what all I have lost.


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Jenny and Pamela

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Jenny and Pamela

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