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Page Thirty One


And it was on Good Friday
When, ironically, there was
Nothing at all good about the day
That it happened;

It was then that mankind,
For the first time since
The garden of Eden
Where the apple was spoiled,
Was given a second chance
To absolve itself
On the final day
And was blessed with the
"Choice To Make"
What would become of All
When it arrived.

The prices was hours of
Blood, sweat and tears
Donated by a "Son"
Given to literal strangers
He did not yet know
In order to save the
Human race from it's Original sin
And to once again
Bestow upon them
The chance of arriving
At the Heavenly Homeland
That is....
IF they so choose
To finally believe.



With a huge crash of thunder it was over
Thirty odd year spent,
Living no better than a nomad,
Preaching to ears that
Did not want to hear,
Minds that would not accept,
All the while being mentally tortured
For trying to save the
Souls of those who were
Bound for Hell

As was the energy that
The Pharisees of Earth drained from Him
By ridicule and taunting
So was the blood of the body,
Nothing now more than a
Pool on the filthy ground,
While those all around
Ran in terror now knowing,
All too late,
The truth this Man/God
Tried to instill in them
For their own redemption
Only and nothing else.

What they did not realize all the while
And then came to find out
With Faith and fear at Calgary,
Amidst three carved crosses,
Was that this was all based
On a later time then the present;
When there will be no beginning and no end;
No life and no death;
When all will be the true finality.

Time will stand eternally still
And, depending on what salvaged
From the present
Will be what one is left with
Only this time there is
No room for error,
Nobody to come and give
Second chances

Indeed, it was that simple
And that compicated
What the teacher
Who died wearing thorns
Could not force so many hopeless souls
To accept...



On the third day
Jesu's Mother and Disciples
Went to where His
Lifeless body did lay

Nearing the site
They saw the stone to the opening
Of the grave rolled away.

Frozen in their spot,
All could just stare in fright.
A heavenly being suddenly
Spoke to the crowd
And assured them that
All was right;it would be
Proved by seeing and
With a flash of light
He appeared from nowhere,
His body tranaparent
Yet, to them that loved Him
Everything was alright.

Speaking with an echo
And a voice baely heard,
The piercings still fresh
From the swords on the cross
He whispered, "I must now go
Watch for me to come
Another day with Father
And the Holy Ghost
To gather what is left
Of the flock, just some
And for those of you
Who pass before then
The reward; Life eternal
I must make haste
Preparing a place
Where ye shall go to.
I had to exit the grave
And make a path to
Heaven, for all who
Shall believe can now
Be saved..."



The blueprint was set out
By God and His plan
Is one not allowed to be known
By beast or by man
There are ten guidelines,though
That were given to us
So that we can be led
To try and get through

Follow the commandments
It was said, it must be
Also living life for the good
Is the rewarding master key

When in trouble and struggle
Remember what was told us
"Please do not forget
This one important phrase
Or, for that matter, Me;
Te Namaste
May My spirit be with thee"


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