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If we should by chance
Be lucky enough
To procure our hopes
Our dreams, our wants
I mean all of our stuff

If we should by chance
Get everything done
Then have time to only
Make wishes and wants
Including every last one

If we should by chance
Be born lucky and rich
Plenty of money
Having too many toys to know
What would be which

Would we be grateful
And remember to pray
To love one another
And thank whoever
For whatever we may

Or would we forget
About those who have not
Because we are too busy
And selfish
To give it a thought?

My wish is this
A star to navigate
I command it;
Be my chart
Never to hesitate

If we should by chance
Get all of our dreams
Could they constitute
Things not felt
By Hands or by Fame
But only by a Heart.

... Pamela 2007


You decided to make a choice
Bringing into the world
A new creation,,,
Another voice.

That you did
For I speak my mind
If it wasn't for you
And all that you brought me
There wouldn't be a "ME" or an "I"
Many say "You are one of a kind"

For that I give you thanks
Making me whole
To give to the world
Bearing my soul

But I then lost you
After fifty plus years
You were my best friend
Now only my tears

You must know my emptiness
Was filled only by you
Now that you are gone
I have but a few

That, from day to day,
Help me make it
But I have to admit
I will never find my way
Back to once that was
When you were there
To light the way

Like all of us, I am sure
Just how very special you were
I took for granted
Not then fully aware
Until you were gone
And, waking up lost,
I send up daily prayers
To the Father, Son and Holy Ghost
Asking the Unity
To continue taking care of us

Even though separated
I love you now more than ever
Happy Mother's Day
You are lovingly celebrated.

....Pamela 2007

"The Black Rose"
Even though the sins of man
Will never turn back
The shards of hate;
Restored by Love
They will be mended again

And then...
Because the blood which was lost
By thorns and by swords
All dripping into a loving place
Replacing mistaken truth

The black rose will soon be Red again

.....Pamela 2007


It was not a normal Friday...

The hate of mankind
Had reached it's peak
While the blood of the thorns
And pierces of the sword
Cut through the lying scorns

The day ended in sadness
With a dead man on his cross
Disciples, Mother crying nearby
Overcome by the loss

It happened as it was to be
The bodies,one by one
Were buried with care
Earmarked for sanctuary

Those that knew no fear stayed
As the guilty ran to hide
The mistake was then known
Hardly any room for pride

While homage was paid
A stone was found, mislaid
And the body of Jesu,
So the gossip soon spread,
was roaming the country
The savior was not dead.

They soon found Him
And discovered
Human form in God-like state
Foretold truth was uncovered
The last words were shared
In order to ensure
That the deed, promised
Truly did endure.

Goodbyes were then said
And a promise lay ahead

The luminescent figure slowly
Vanished into mist
While others wept;
Some rallied with a fist

The promise of what was to be
was heard from above
"To all who were true,
Faithful allies
I prepare you a place
Where everyone lies
Tell the enemies not to despair
For I go, making haste,
Preparing even them a place."

A long time ago
It was written in stone
An even had to take place
For the eternal throne
Only a second in time
Did the act of tyrrany precede
But the seeds of redemption
For all
Will the Irony succeed..."

.....Pamela 2007

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