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As the tunnel grows
Narrower into depths of darkness
The world that lay
Just outside the entrance is
No longer in my reach
Just becoming, more and more,
An unfamiliar Path

As my footsteps
Plod hesitatingly forward
Yet unable to turn back

My mind is bigger
Than any space the
Route ahead has to offer
And plunges me into
Yet, another dimension
Growing more unfamiliar and
Threatening with every day;
Every second...

Oh, how I yearn for
The sunlight that once shined
It would tell me that
My direction has turned around and
Out of this place
At least for now.

Was it that the years
Have taken their toll
As many try to convince me
Saying nature plays it's
Dance of growing old
To just accept
Go with the flow
It is alright
Nothing can be done

Or am I really in a
Realm unto itself
That is unnatural
And making existence
Prematurely unbearable;
Caught inbetween Birth and Death;
Moving toward the inevitable
But at a pace that is making the
Eyeblink existence which I was given
Seemingly to drag on
In a way that
No one can understand
Even myself...

Where is the tunnel opening?
Can the way back to the
Beginning ever be found?
While gasping for air
I hang onto my
Will to survive
That the way out of
Being entrapped will
Once again surface and
I will have my map
To life once again

Hope some more...
Just a bit MORE...

The bell rings
Time is up

---pamela october 2009


If you believe in Prophesies
Then you believe that
Anything is Possible and Probable...

Isn't it Time to make a
Difference in the World
Before it is too late...
Believe In Youself
Only Then Will Your Dreams
Fall Into Place...
---pamela 2009

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