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Page Fifty Two


In the year 2000
While surfing the internet
I came upon an Art form
That was Extreme
And like nothing seen before

Like no other creations
In my opinion
Ever so keen
Knowing then that I wanted
To somehow learn
To do..
Upon seeing,
The first thing that sprung
Into my mind
Was just 2 words

10 years later,
Where did the time fly to?
It seems like only yesterday
But now my life
Stands in the way
And prevents every
Not yet done idea

Rapidly older not new
It makes me sad to think
Of all the things
My spirit still needs to do

But because of
Mid-life bearing down
Am not allowed to
The body will not work
So much falling apart,
Two by two...

In some countries,
They worship sick and elderly
Knowing experience holds true
To everything important
Everything one learns to
Wiser than us and more forgiving
We punish our old shamans
With limitations and take away money
Some days it seems
Food is hard to accrue

But when alone and hungry
And pain seeks it's way
Through and through
There is one thing
To always now turn to

Power onto any Studio
Using those ten years
Of learning how
Fingertips and Imagination
At the ready
I am finally fulfilled
Watching the magic
Now come through...
Creating things once unthought of
The promise I made to myself
Dissipates the bad, trying to break through
Brought by the
Heart Of An Angel...

---- pamela 12/30/09

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Poetry by:
Jenny and Pamela

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Jenny and Pamela

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