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As when the sun sets over the horizon and the wind blows over the flowers...knowing in an instant that these things serve as a special part of your being...so this feeling came on meeting you.
When watching these things, not necessarily being a part of them, and gaining a silent,special kind of strength and faith.
As their beauty seems never to be lost by any lapse of time...
So the beauty which you have shown me will never be...for every time the sun sets or wind blows over flowers...it will bring back memories of time spent together.



Long forgotten prayers have been answered, maybe taken for granted by the turning of the earth on axis.
But...the turn was felt, and...when is breaking point?
Mouthless people painting smiles of sarcaism on their tangible flesh.
But I, I prefer to paint my smile only in the universe and laugh at a world who will never know that truths lay in the wind.



I spend my days and nights, making sure that there is not any time
To dream about the life I want, could have been, all mine.
For in my dreams, I find regrets but alot of smiles too.
So my dreams are mixed with different things but, as of late I know, that when I stop just for a brief time, the pause is one that bestows,
Tears down my face, my mind to race, a tomorrow that I don't want to show
for the fear which grasps me while I pause is too much to bear for now.
So, if I dream it is not a "day", where all great hopes do grow but is only a "night", when I finally collapse and I am not aware it is so.
Some day , some way perhaps I will dream while awake of great things to be but for now, let me hide in anyplace and keep my free time in tow.



Lost horizons melt into space...Through lollipop trees and candycane skies...And then, into start bright nights and sun lit days, I melt into lost horizons, and stars, always fearing I will be made into a solid object.


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Poetry by:
Jenny and Pamela

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Jenny and Pamela

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