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Page Fourteen


Sitting here right by you I stop and wonder if it's true. I think it is, but then, I don't. Please tell me?
I see your eyes and wonder then...just how long before it ends...I wish I knew, I hope it lasts forever.
Now you're looking close at me...Oh, why can't you see? I need you now and want you too...Please take me.
I love you now, you know it's true. All I think about is you and all I'm asking you to do...is believe in me as I do in you.
I know sometime the day will come, when the newly rising sun is shining bright for everyone...except me.
I know that time is drawing near. You are leaving me I fear. I knew you wouldn't always be here...What happened?
I love you now, you know it's true. All I think about is you. And all I'm asking you to do...is believe in me...as I do in you.



I would like to believe in miracles. For I need some now....
Everything around me seems to be spiraling downward and I have lost control over what little I had left.
The big strong conqueror no longer likes her thoughts. My body, no matter how hard I try, is giving in to the black parts that touched me, four years of painstaking growth into a different persona has been doused, like a lit flame, by hate and misunderstanding.
I have lost what was once Me , while my mother's absence continues to burn into my soul, at the time that I need her the most.
The exhilaration of being sent someone I needed desperately to help me be me also seems to be taking flight, against my will, as I watch once again the memory that I was left with returning in place of newfound Hope.
I need a miracle or 2 or 3, as in yesterday, for my horizon of tomorrow is fading right before my very eyes.



Too often left behind someone you love because you sacrifice their happiness...for your own. But you're not really happy because you left a part of you behind.



I speak to you of sadness...Almost always. Please look to see the no one can be that sad...not if they have touched someone,,, not if they have loved someone...not if they have held dreams with someone. Therefore...I speak to you of hope.


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