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Page ThirtyThree



Someday I would like
To come face to face
With particular people
From History and Space
To learn from them
And especially note
The wisdom contributed
To their Time and Place.



Can you sense the desperation
In my voice, from my heart
That needing to be held
Is such a curse that few impart
Because most have their others
While closing the day at night
While I stay awake,Longing
To have a Fingerprint;
Another's touch
Smolder away my
Soul's unexplained fright

"Tis the tornado which lurks
Inside of my depths
That prematurely snuffed out
That which I was
Like a diminishing
Flame of the candle
Exposed to gusting winds
Higher powers I seek
Are going to make
The difference
Between the end for me
Or a new beginning...
Envisioning mystical
Must become enveloping
Like my Fingerprint
Is to my thumb...

pamela----June 2009


Long forgotten prayers
Waiting to be answered
Maybe taken for granted
By the turning of the earth
On it's axis. But...
The turn was felt and...
When is breaking point?

Mouthless people painting
Smiles of sarcaism on their tangible flesh.
I prefer to paint my smile
Only in the Universe
And laugh at a world
That will never know
What truths lay in the wind

Lost horizons melt into space
Through Lollipop Trees, CandyCane Skies
And then...into star bright nights
And sun-lit days
I melt into lost horizons
And Stars
Always fearing I will be made
Into a solid object...


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Jenny and Pamela

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