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Page Twelve


The image of your soul has crept back into my senses.
It fills my waking thoughts and haunts me in my dreams.
I close my eyes and drift back into time to a day where I walk along the beach with you...
Inhaling the ocean's seductive scent, listening to the waves speak their enticing song...
We walk...and walk..until we can no longer resist the temptation of the water...
And then...we run...submerging ourselves in the cool arms of the sea, feeling the current tug at our bodies....pulling us further out from shore...pushing us gently back.
We are suspended in time...trapped in space...our fingers and hands interlocked.
We gaze at the shore and watch our footprints slowly fade away.



Hot and Cold.
I can feel the swings starting....scaring me off,,,making me run for cover, as I am so used to doing.
Wide open, my love, which I thought had for sure hit it's highest limits, still continues to grow.
Even in my sleep, thoughts of you will not abandon my mind but....
I know better.
Not only is our amazing bond not feasible,,,
My life is open for sharing every second together,,,yours is occupied and shall not be.
Yet, my mind will not let you go, not for 5 minutes peace, the joy always interrupted by the reality of, once again, obstacles from your end are going to prevent Us.
So why do I do this?
Torture myself with something out of reach , yet so unbelievably calming and now, in the way my life has run it's course, a sanctuary to keep from going over that cliff that's edge is nearing day by day.
Both eyes open, mind focused, fully aware of what is True, it takes away all of the wonder of falling back in love with you...
But..the hurt will soon push me over into the depths of where I have been trying so desperately not to go.
Hiding inside of memories, is that all that's left for us two?.



How do I fill the room inside where only you can live?
The empty room that once housed your soul lies vacant, stripped of the warmth your eyes game me....
I shudder in the light of memories long ago...
I lay trembling under the blanket of your touch and dream of the day
You will once again breathe your warm breath of life into the depths of my heart to sooth the emptiness that lies within...and fill the room again.



Remember playing with Barbie and Ken?
Didnt we once all have those, way back then...
And when we think of Slinkies, Gumby, Pokey, Pezes or even Fizzies
We all smile a smile because that is what made us very happy.
Talk of the past can dig up memories and feelings of what used to be.
It would be great if we could pick and choose those that were filled with the most ecstasy
And stay on the memories that were safe and where there are no chances, no maybes.
But I live for tomorrow, that's the way it is, that's the way it has to be
And when I hear about plans and a definitive Future, that does not include me
Inside I start my Run and know..It might be time to take one step back...
Or even steps times three
And return, to continue dreaming by myself,
Dancing Solo With The Sun.


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Jenny and Pamela

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Jenny and Pamela

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