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Page TwentySix


When my life is over
And the world goes on
Ever after
I hope to leave good memories
Able to evoke smiles
Bring laughter.

Being but a grain of sand
In the overall picture
Ashes to ashes; Dust to dust
So it says in scripture

God, let me be more than that
Allow me to have left a trace
Of knowledge, wisdom, love
And perhaps also in place

May I go on my way
With honor and dignity
To be sometimes remembered
As a warrior kind of identity

That the good fight was fought
Giving it my all
I want people to look back
And have learned
Of my heart
I wanted so to impart

My time on earth
Was for naught.



The measurement of
Where we have been
What we have done
Paving a way for
A journey yet to come

Marking our paths
With minutes and miles
Determined by gods
How far fate lay it's tiles

Savoring each special
Tick that is precious
How very unique
It defines each of us...



Faster than air
Voyager adrift

No binds only wind
Racing through hair
Vanished but then

Yesterday gone
Tomorrow is past
Completely to be
Absolutely free

My mental mirage...



A rainbow mesh of
Everyday ideas

Sometimes taking a back seat
To the blacks and whites
Of stark reality

All combined to create
A pyramid of Todays
Tomorrows and Yesterdays

Based on thoughts
Supported by actions

Interwined with what will Be's
Mingling with the epitomy
Of feeling

What we do...
Where we go...
Defining our soul...


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Jenny and Pamela

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Jenny and Pamela

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