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Page FiftyFive


What is on my mind...
Up against the wall, am I

The first time no easy escape
It is now push comes to shove
When all routes seem closed
And everyone crossing my path
Tell me "HOPE" is indisposed

That is something not familiar
Never before let go
Of life and all that is left
Of wishes; things for me to do

Hard to accept being told
My days are done and old
No longer taking place on earth
Equalling no worth

Where my thoughts belong
And actions still go forth
Shall the road to seek
Be graceful
Or full of fight
If forced to take flight...

---pamela 03/02/10


Broken promises
Sent from Thee
Thou feels compromised
And down on one knee
Begging for the grace
Which was promised me
It seems like instead ignored
Don't know which way to go
Seeking that Revelations road....

--pamela 03/08/10


Much like a dilema
Neither black nor white
Certainly not gray or
Any other color array
A zebra is striped with both...
Interwined yet distinguishable

One can determine
The differences,
While portraying both
Good and bad references,
All the while remaining fallible...

--pamela 03/05/10


Yesterdays seem so different
Than the Todays
Filled with much happiness
Coping with less worry
Going forth with an
Abundance of YES

Make my Tomorrows
That might be
Carry blessings,
I pray to Thee,
Once again with the
That was there
Steadfastly carrying me
Forth to Eternity...


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