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Page Seven


You saw through me this time.
Now, no longer will I try to hide myelf from you.
Not that it was ever meant to be...only that I tried to alter it.
You're so lovely to me that any type of reformation of any part would ruin something...
Even if it be your
Reflection in water.



Define the mind?
The most powerful part of a human being that there is.
Brain begets body, soul begets emotions, mind begets All.
And, what does one do when it is being lost? ; caught up in the webs of everyday stress and strain until...
All gone and then??
Worthless, just to be thrown away and, if lucky, not forgotten...



Last night seems like a dream.
Everything was too perfect.
We were like two children, discovering each other for the first time.
Lying in your arms...so strong...yet so helpless...yearning for someone to hold on to.
And my arms..so weak...yet strong enough to hold you.
We were two lonely people searching for something tangible...to know we could express ourselves in a way that we often don't get the chance.
Oh, you felt so warm, so secure...in those few hours of sharing I never wanted to let you go..I could have remained there.
It was so beautiful, only the candle shining, painting your profile against the darkness...which in turn has painted it in my memories forever.



Since the day I was born, I remember being different.
No matter what,,,playing with other little children, getting into trouble during school hours, even at home...
Due to being ignored, my greatest companion was always my imagination alone.
People who know me say they Love me yet I am always scurrying around problems because of "the way I am"
Wearing my heart on my sleeve, making every matter count for something, not able to cry because of too many tears...
I guess things will never change...
After this many years, you would think one would have gotten used to the irony of caring too much...
Yet, every day in every way it still hurts...
Being an Outsider.


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Jenny and Pamela

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Jenny and Pamela

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