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Page TwentyThree


Combining all of the varying
Colors and hues
Which make up the differing
Moods, Emotions, Views,
Together reflects the rainbow
Of my personality
Which creates me
And allows me to be,
To become... Rainbow tears
Form to create
The collection of
The different pains
That my soul doeth

....Pamela 2007


Half of a century
Put into ups and downs
My circle keeps turning
Many smiles...also frowns

However, lately I have come
To a standstill in my life
Too much bad news
Waking daily to such strife

The last few months
Brought me to my knees
Unexpectedly cut down
Emerging, filled with pleas

To get me past this Crossroads
Towards a place called

....Pamela 2007


Looking into the water's depths
My mind floats astray
Soon I become whatever
And then I am away.

In a place that holds serenity
Promise is it's name
The days are spent however
The nights are all fair game.

The world becomes my stage;
Each day a newfound scene...

.....Pamela 2007


Through a whirlwind
Of things going awry
I strain to see a horizon ahead
Looking for the storms to cease
Begging for some peace.

Those near to me say
"Nothing you can't handle",
"Perhaps you're being tested",
Shaking, hoping for final breaths
Could be flunking God's plans
I only want arrested.

After all of my worship
And years of devotion
Doubt is creeping through
Setting into motion.

Down on my knees I go
Bravado gone completely
Crying out in pain
Surrendering, pleading, "Why me?"

And then,
The big picture comes into play
And clears scattered views
Inside a voice alarms me
With facts that are not news.

The world is in shambles
Others' lives completely empty
The realization sinks in
How lucky I am to be Me.

.....Pamela 2007

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Jenny and Pamela

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