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Page Sixteen


On some distant shore are the realities of all my dreams. Waiting there...just for me to discover them. But somehow, I manage to get halfway there and the scenery changes and I'm back to where I started. I think it's because you closed your eyes and looked away.



One day at a time I take it and yet, the days are flying by. Bundled in a mass of highs and lows, goods and bads, inching my way forward to a future that lays in wait. LIke a trap, it will spring on me.
Good? Bad? Certainly not indifference.
Lately, the agony of not knowing, wanting but not being able to reach, is being replaced by others who are calling upon me.
For help in their topsy turvy world that I hear over and over they, too, are having trouble tolerating, finding answers, facing fears...
Some of them have no idea how lucky they are, for I know what all they have. Besides monetary foundations, they have family and friends for support. Yet, I hear such pain in their voices.
I wonder how these people could possibly be so miserable. Trading places with them would be like taking a trip to the moon, the stars, perhaps even heaven.
Their sadness and tears and worries are just as real as mine, though, and their grasses on the other sides of the fences are not so green after all.
Funny, how that glass of water can be either half empty or half full?
One day at a time,,,To close out complete chaos.
One day at a time whilest my shoulders need to grow larger in order to gladly support their weight.



No longer searching for a familiar dream experienced alone. We lived together...always in those long lonely years of insanity...never expecting to find an equally objective object which contained some all too known well goals. There is a fine line between the way fire and water mix.



Stormy clouds seem to be hazing your mind. Are you crying for love lost or never found? You said yourself that no words of devotion were spoken. Maybe they weren't given a chance...or maybe they were...but no one took the initiative to proclaim them. I hope for you that you find your loved missed because it doesn't seem right for you to stop the sunshine.


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Jenny and Pamela

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