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Page Nine


Love given freely to all who will accept it, bringing happiness to anyone who will open their eyes...to anyone who wishes to open their heart and let it in.
One smile given can last forever for nowhere can that smile be replaced.
An inner beauty radiates without perception which one cannot help but admiring.
Love Child
A possession not worth the risk of losing, for the world holds not one other.
A gift to the world...The child of love.



Free as the wind, when will you ever lite?
Smiling, laughing...content to be at peace wiht nature. Alone. Filling every void with it's transcending beauty
The mountains..and the mountain hild, alone on a hill reaching out to the sky and the world... in a never ending plea for hope..for love...for beauty. Never yielding for anything less. She bring happiness to the flowers, gently holding their radiant beauty in her heart.
Holding on...but never crushing....Mountain child, when will you ever lite? Hopefully never. This world is not ready for someone as gentle as you. Someone who loves peace...freedom..and holds love for everything beautiful.



Ever searching for the most impossible dreams, willing to give more than ever aked for...willing to receive more than ever givn.
Beautiful by nature...never realizing the importance of her life to another, eager to run for fear of shedding more tears...finding stars amazing. Their sparkling beauty entrances her as she wishes upon them. She loves to the fullest extent though not always shown...only felt by the heart.
Hands outstretched waiting quietly...patiently..even secretly...for her love to be experienced and accepted in it's most broadet sense, which is the only way she knows how to give.
Wonder child, full of life, love, dreams..even stars.



"Star light, Star bright, first star I see tonight..."
If only I could reach out and hold you, with all of my might...
Then , just maybe, I would have some of my wishes come true, my questions answered, and all of my horrendous regrets calmed.
"Star light,,Star bright"...
Please, come closer and hold me tight.
Give me just the ounce of peace I so long for and the Hopes of a brighter tomorrow come true...
Can't you understand the Love I have for you? Or is it too late to risk where you have come to?
"Star light, Star bright, first star I see tonight"
If you trust, in all that we knew, then you would realize that it's time to come through...
Before we lose sight again,,,or our only chance will be Maybe....
meeting in Reincarnation.


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Jenny and Pamela

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Jenny and Pamela

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