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Page Eight

In our lifetime...what shall be more?
What happened to the Garden of Eden? Cain slew Abel and begat where we are...
In our lifetime...
Is there enough Love to shine? Can there be enough foresight in order to refine...In our lifetime?...Democracy, Bureaucracy, Communism, Nazi Policy
Is there anyway to turn this around and to have the wisdom for the world to rebound?
Not in our lifetime...



Pondering on ambiguous thougts, here I sit.
Time and presence reveals to me no more unification of star and sand.
Is that so dreadful?
I once cared if the sun shines and...if the ocean would ever dry up. The intensity of the heat piercing, ever so deeply...
When is boiling point?
Has evaporation occurred?
Alas, a new dimension on hope...My tidal wave has formed.



There are days when I think things are alright and then there are times when nothing seems right.
There are moments when the sun shines through then there are the periods when the rain comes too...
But the day you came, and said you returned, made me believe again in all I had spurned.
I smile now even though still alone, just the thought of the past and a voice on the phone
Makes me feel, finally, that things might turn out okay
Even knowing, though, that "our time" past away....



I long to feel your touch, my love, whenever you may choose. You could touch my brow with the softness of your lips or lay your head on my bare chest and listen to my love for you. You could wrap your arms around my neck and press your body close to mine...or..wrap your legs around my thighs and feel my need as it grows inside...to hold you near within my arms and dream the dreams we dared to dream.
I long to feel your touch, my love, I wait impatiently...for another day to dawn again and bring your soul to me.
Deliver to me, my love, the naked truth inside. Let me touch you, my Love...now....before it's too late...Lest I forget how to feel, my Love, tempted by my fate.
I long to touch you.


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Jenny and Pamela

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Jenny and Pamela

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