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Page FiftyThree

"Words" Haiku

Words are weapons
Swords, knives and guns
In the wrong hands
Ready to slay men
That come too close
To frightened hearts

--pamela 2/10/2010


Said his prayers
"Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord, my soul to keep"
Put on the black satin pajamas
Although alone, as usual,
Wanted to look nice
Afterall it was Christmas

Next, like never before,
Painstakingly made the bed
Crawled in ever so gently
Then, put a brand new pistol
To his head
Afraid of Purgatory
But had reached the "Dead-end"

The noise was loud
Alarm going off

Partially comprehensive
Filled with fear
But awake, alive
Turned and saw the clock
'Twas another nightmare...

----pamela 02/18/2010


One day at a time
All that has gone before
Is now left
And only that which is
Yet to be
Seems to matter

If the future
Is a reflection of how
The past has been
My soul quakes with
Fear of the unknown

So I shall pray
For a new and
Brighter outcome
If God finds me worthy
To be led into grace
With his Holy hand...

---pamela february 1, 2010

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