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Page Fourty


The smile worn all day
It's tears that cheeks bear,
Wishes should be granted
While the pangs of Hope
Cry out to be fed.

As I go right
It is left where
I wind up at
And the need for the top
Is met at the bottom.
The fork in mid road
Bears straight ahead
No escape.

As all logic slips away
From the grasp my mind
Tries to wrap around
Never found
In this Hot Cold Hell...

pamela---July 14, 2009


Day by day
The outside draws nearer
Inside of me
Suffocating my heart
With the insensitivity
And intensity
Of a world, handcuffing
All I once embraced
And now
In steadfast with much
I do not understand
Nor accepts little of
That which "I Am"

Can't you hear
My soul screaming?

---pamela July 17, 2009


What I do
Who I affect
Crying aloud,
Laugh to thyself,
Comfort a friend.

Eat, sleep, stay alive
Desires for warmth,
Security, Resassurance,

To be, To become
Confident in actions
Trusting the world
Sometimes afraid
Learn to overcome.

Good, Bad, Evil, Loving
Knowing the differences;
Caring in them

Shapes of defining
What is me...

----pamela July 2009


As my course is plotted
Each day a surprise appears
Unbeknownst to me
What the outcome shall be

A long time ago
There was a design
Constructed and laid out
As to what my days
Shall bring

That I even exist
In order to sing
Acceptance of everything

Which must be beared

Although the balance
Of harmony oftimes
Goes asunder
At the forefront of
Awareness must remain
A positive road
And any others
Refused to plunder...

----pamela July 2009

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