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Page Eighteen


Some nap, some may die
Others celebrate
As time marches on.
Everything seems to stand still
Frozen in an eery haze
While the earth takes
It's yearly metamorphesis
So do creatures and man.

In the midst of it all
Is the anniversary
Of God's universal Gift to all
Jesus Christ was born.

Mortal Souls knowlingly
Grasp unto the event
Which gave the world it's eclipse forever
Forever melting the ice and snow.



There is a magic moment
not even a second before time
that happens just before

Not everyone knows of it
Reserved for only those that
Believe in magical things,
Fairy tales, Mystical kings,
Places like Oz, Mermaids and Vikings
Whatever you wish for
Dreams to hold forevermore.

If it has to be named
Fantasy, let it be
It exists only for Dreamers

Would you like to explore?
Then come visit me
I have a key...."


Lucille Witzke
Passed February 22, 2005


Here....Devil, take my soul
Let me trade any wares
Be it money or, if You insist,
a menagerie of all that
I am made of
In order to prevent
My eyes from being torn asunder
And to stop the tears,
quit remembering the years
Of love gone by,
Of how I came to be
All that I am.

Now without my
Friend, Counselor, Guidance, Strength

Why could I not be the first?
All of the signs were there...

I pray Thee to save me
A seat in heaven neat to you
So that I may once again
Return to the very womb
From when I came.

You left me too soon
Nakes and unprepared
To face the world Alone
My Mother...
My Maker...
My Everything..."



"While Aphrodite admires her beauty
and relishes in the glory
of her essence

As Time goes on
That, which glows upon a tainted factor
For all that which is only skin deep
Is not nourished
By the goodness
That a soul can give.

True beauty lies in deep layers
and cannot be seen but felt.

Narcissistic ways last
For a brief moment in time
Whereas roots of adornment eternal
will last forever.

If one steps back from the mirror
and, instead, revels in the reflection of the world,
not themselves alone."


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