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Approximately 8 years ago, when I started my Art path of Digital Imagery
an idea came to me along with Imaging.
Having written most of my life, Haiku intrigued me and I combined the Fine Art of Digital-Extreme Imagery with writing Haiku.

The next couple of pages have a "mini-collection" of some of my work.

**Due to serious health problems i was forced into hospital/rehabilitation for 2+ years. Therefore, there is a gap in the chronological sequence of my work.
However, there should be enough here to give you an idea of what this Unique Art Form looks like and, hopefully, it does what the intention is:
that is to leave an impression on you, the viewer, as an observer but more importantly an impression on you, the sensitive witness, as an emotive person...

Samples from years past...


by pamela j. witzke
Digital Imager/ Creative Writer
Scarlet Pirate Voyager-
pen name

by pamela j.witzke
Digital Imager/ Creative Writer
Scarlet Pirate Voyager-
pen name

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