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Page TwentyFive


When I wish upon a star
My hopes and dreams from afar
Reach up and cradle, tip to tip,
Defining everything that is me
Not to vanish nor to slip

When I wish upon a star
My doubts unravel though ajar
And every single ounce of me
Gives rise, heart pounding
That tomorrows I will see
And still here...To be



Open up the seas
To part gently
And the heavens to
Guide my way.

Cleanse my heart
From any possible dark
Then on the wings
Of angels
Guide my way.

Through storms and
Strife that be
So that my path
Can safely carry me

To another place
Far far away
And let me leave

On a whisper,
A prayer,
A token of grace
Over rainbows
Set me free...



From the day of birth
I was filled with beliefs
A landscape of character
Gradients of different reliefs

Philosophies to hold onto
Doctrines and principles
As wel as adventures
With many different peoples

Statistics depend on my moods
The equation is complex
High roads and low roads
At times alot of suspense

But when push comes to shove
It is what defines that is Me
I stand by what I believe
My life: a played out Theory...



Passionate energy
Compassionate heart
Sensitive soul, Warrior
Alone but not Lonely
Needing but not Needy
In love with Life
Lives to Love
Brave face, trembling Soul
Complete adult, scared Child
Good friend, disdains Hatred
Wanting Peace, Hope and Happiness
For Self, for All

This is my Song...
Who I Am


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Poetry by:
Jenny and Pamela

Imagery by Pamela

Jenny and Pamela

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