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Page Fifteen


Sun coming through trees reminds me of you...for on some special occasion you let your inner self shine forth through all of the shadows and enlighten my life..



If you cry inside so much, will you eventually...drown yourself?



Well, the emotional pendulum seems to have swung in an entirely different direction and, like once again, I cannot help but feel that my attention was worthy of it's time but now, like all good things, is not needed anymore.
So now what?
Pull back and resume the defensive posture which is all too familiar to me or go on, seeing if there is any hope in this lifetime?
There is a saying "Hurt me once, shame on you....Hurt me twice, shame on me!!"
Or do I assume the old adage
"3 strikes and you are out"?
I dunno...me thinks that I won't decide right now but go with some of my mother's best advice, "When in doubt, do nothing".



Why am I afraid to say "I Love You"?
Maybe because you are offering a part of yourself that, once given, can never be received back. Then another piece is missing.
How many times can you say "I Love You" before...You are no longer a person?



Today, I read something that pretty much told me all.
The trouble is getting the heart and the head to coordinate. What we know to be and what we feel are not always the same but , at some point, they do become integrated.
Pulling back, while moving right along, I plunge forward, awaiting to see what new my life brings me. I did not want before, I shut down a long time ago. Now, I realize things that were once dead in me have come to life so all was not in vain...I guess it was just a Matter Of Time.


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