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Page Fifty

Monastery Window

Just to look at this room
Gives me a yearning, burning
Deep down inside

Although I am all alone now
Every day of my life
One would think that
A routine; hard to bear

But no, a different kind
Of being alone am I

The idea of pure isolation
With the emphasis being
On my soul and
Spiritual Enlightenment within
Is the big difference

And the latter
Stirs a gripping need
For that Room and view
So very different than
An apartment prisoner
In a cement city

But a scene stirring
Longings of a goal

Hearing the echo of
My heartbeat bouncing
Off of the barren walls
Water, a crust of bread
And only one outfit to wear
Bear feelings and thoughts
Of wanting to go there
To be made aware
Of everything deeper
Than just scheduled TV

---pamela november 30,2009



Do I dare take a breath?
For it might be my last
And then I will never
Once again experience
The smells of spring,
Sounds of summer,
Colors of autumn
Nor flakes in the snow.

What there shall be
Is greater than all
Of those combined
Interwined with white
And soft light

No,,,,no seasons
But why need there be
No reaons
For anything to change
That which shall be
Known as Perfection

In the eyes of
What was man
And now "God-like" beings,
Only to be seeing,
The wrongs that were done
While waiting
For the Ascension day
To arrive;display
The love that each
Is capable of

And with that
The trip to heaven
Ye shall take...

For to carry on
Such cardinal hatred
A sentence in Hell
Is all one will don...

---pamela december 5, 2009


The feeling of Christmas
Looming in air
Out of the whole year
If one allows
Unique time for cheer

Snowflakes, smell of pine,
Carolers singing
Everything seems fine
And insurmountable...
For now

No one can explain it
Perhaps came with a King
That a special outlook
Brings peace on earth
Good will towards man
If only temporarily;
At least is here

Savor the moment
Worship what was
Special time; indications
Of one day
Good things to come...

pamela december 16, 2009

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