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Page Fifty One


Usually comfortable
In my aloneness
Which I chose for
A way of life
Seems different now
My shadow is no longer
Enough of a
Companion for me

Perhaps it is the season
For the reason
Of longing to be
With someone that would
Equal a You and a Thee

Maybe the years
Have taken their toll

Day after day
Year after year
Holding hands while
On a stroll
Seems like something
That I now need
Makng my life

I heed
To take the pain away
That is new
Breaking my heart
In two
Reaching my soul

Making me incomplete...

pamela december 17, 2009


I watch in vain
The wish sent
To the one who
Makes them come true
Was last seen,
Taken by the Wind,
And on the way
To the address
Marked HOPE

But alas...
An answer has not
Yet been returned
To me;
It's final destination
As my patience
Grows unbearable...

pamela january 20, 2010


Here I Be....
Better late than never
Am me....

Scarlet Pirate Voyager's
My names
Digital Imagery and Poetry
Are my games

Hailing from Chicago
In the midwest
Would rather be in Hawaii
On the beach to rest

Have been a bachelor
All of my life
But, with the right man
Would not mind being a wife

Want a dozen children
Alas, too old to bear
So would adopt
From anywhere

If you should find
All of this for me
I would be
Forever grateful
To Thee...

pamela january 20, 2010

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