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Page Seventeen

"1/2 of 1=0"

Wondering what it would be like to live an ordinary life like the millions and thousands of other people do...here I sit...very content with the things I have. But very lost, for they are not with me..or they are partially...like you pretend to be.



I am not rich, by far.
Once I was quite comfortable, materialistically speaking, travelling the world, wining and dining...
But all that changed when my body broke down. So did my career and income.
I am not rich, by far.
I struggle every day just to get by and try to find what I need in peace and in God. It is enough to take it one day at a time.
I am not rich, by far.
But what I have to offer you is my love, my heart, my soul, all that is defined by Me alone.
Is that enough for you? For it is all I have to give and sharing it with you makes the rest of what was given up inconsequential.
Come back to me, for I know not where you have gone...and now, I do not feel rich anymore as when your caring bathed my wounds.
All I have to give is me. Once that was all you wanted.



Don't you understand that you cannot lock me in your mind?
Maybe you have conquered one part of my poor unfortunate soul. But please...don't be made a fool of...you only have a part of a dramatic ending that never was...



It is quiet.
Too quiet....
The only sounds I hear are the deep breaths that my lungs make, with the sighs defining your absence.
Was what seemed to be going on between us only in my mind and, like glass, shattered when I found myself seeing something distorted; only what I wanted to be there?
Not often does that happen...my misinterpretting what I perceive to be.
However, I am only human and bound to make a turn onto a "Dead End" street.
It would have been nice if there was a sign up there, telling me something other than to go there.


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Jenny and Pamela

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Jenny and Pamela

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