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Page FiftyEight


So now I go ahead
And cry a tear or two
For it's time
To allow the company
Called Lonliness
To rear it's ugly face
Admitting it's presence

My heart beats
A deafening sound
The only thing heard
Pleading for a response
Of another one near

Touch me, hold me,
Feel the longing
That shouts aloud
For a sensitive
Human "other"

Fingertip to fingertip
The sensation is intense
To share space and thought
With a wanting soul
Would be nothing less
Than immense...

Feeling the warmth
Of love
Melt my heart
And then, disappear,
Never to be seen
Or near again
But the memory
Shall remain forever
Mind only to have....

---pamela 03/26/10


It is the choices
Which guide behavior
To a particular corner
One might go

Be it good or bad
Right from wrong
The path is there
To bestow

How one treats
A fellow man
A giving heart

For, if without,
Caring to give
An empty soul reigns;
Value does depart

---pamela 03/29/10


To be with others
The problems that bothers
Is trying to find those
Willing to share that space
Is when it is realized
No longer is there a place

For me
I do not fit in
To and with the world
We have been given
Failing to realize
A right from a sin
I thought I understood
But no longer no where
To even begin

All my life
When it seemed so clear
to learn the way
Was the main object
All of that
Now seems to be obvious
Things have changed
Determined by others
And all too much smothers
Making subject suspect

In the translation
That has been learned
Creating only circles
To go around in
And then,
In tears,
Is realized
What lies herein

That I do not fit in
To this world
Where there is no place
For me
To go and to be
That peaceful person
I ache for longingly

Understood and also
With good intentions
And respect
But rather confusion
Has taken over and
Become the main object

So where shall my path
Set it sails bound for?
There is no place on a map
That seems to have
What I ask for

People wanting to be
Heard by me
And spend any given time
Joining my rhyme
Giving me love;
Rules that are
Easy to understand
Find me a place
That offers comfort
To land

For I do not fit in
To this world as it be
And all my future affords
Is stranded for me...

---pamela 03/31/10


How many face have I
Depends on what there is
Defining me
Thinking and existing
Trying to make
What is called LIFE
All the more richer
Struggling for less strife

Counting them on one hand
Each seems to excell;
Take it's own stand

And then are the days
Which bring omens
In certain ways
Telling me
There are too many
To stand out
Making no matter
As should any

Blending in the background
Of surroundings
And all others
It is then that
My cries ring out
Can you hear them
LIterally a shout

Asking that a difference
I may make
Trying to give
Not to take
All that there is
From the various faces
Who, what, where
It is that depends on
How many and who
I am...

---pamela 04/01/10

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