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Page Fourty One


Design Thy heart
On all things good;
Leave off life's blueprint
That which could
Turn a Soul into ash

For those who weep
From the hurt
Derived by malice
Shall raise up
Inside the Grace
Of that which
Reaps rewards
Bound for eternity

Those alone shall know
The truth
While others lay
In the dirt
Of their distain...

----pamela July 2009


If I could
Once again
Have a memory
That was intact
There would be
So many things
To recall
That no one would
Nor should
Wipe the smile
From my face.

Be it what it may,
Along with lost cells
Went all too many
Fond recalls
Of times that are
Desperately needed
To relive now....
Cushioning the impact
Of life's downfalls

---pamela July 2009


Lives are books
No nouns, paper or

Full of Surprises, Love
Hatred and Horror
Heavy as lead
Or light as a

Waking up from sleep
You need not go far

From there
Is a book
No one else can read
Awaits with adventure
If one looks deep enough

Take heed,
Shove out the ones
Who do not care
It is all you really need....

---pamela August 2, 2009


Someday Someway to find
Alternatives of the body
Not depending on nature's
Progressive breakdown
That is cruelly undefined

Instead using the mind
For existence, love,
Communicating with others
From a path far behind

Having the insight of a wiseman
The humor of a fool
Being balanced but yet tilted

Living longer than
Noah and his kind...

----pamela August 6, 2009

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