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Thoughts of yesterday
Wishing it were here
Gone but not forgotten
My Mother, best friend
More than ever before
I need her near
To wipe my tears

We would laugh for hours
And, oh, what she put up with
A daughter who had,
Early in her life
Energy in the wrong directions
Growing up for me was much strife

Never an eyelash did she blink
Nothing could be a surprise
To one that knew everything
But would not throw any
Attitude in my life or face
To hear about all my wrongs
No matter what and
Gave them no second thought

That is unconditional Love
Looking away;Just forgiveness
A mother's prowess
Who has every right
Some decisions to second guess
Though never did
Only supported me
In adolescent "growing-upness"

My everything died
And had to leave one day
For the most part
Every struggle that I wrestle
Makes me look the other way
Provides doing Okay
As best as can be expected

However at times, such as this,
When her memory
Is so clear
Comes the remorse
From losing all this...

---pamela 02/22/10
Anniversary of her Heaven-bound


Wishing I were not here
Because am not sure
Where HERE is

Needing to crawl back
Into the safety
Of my womb
To begin my history
Over again
And erase many regrets,
Eliminating mournful mistakes

Whence shall an endless
Journey begin
To take my body
Somewhere without pain
And allow my mind
To run freely
Wherever it may carry
My thoughts
Without the condemnation
Of sinful others

Only then shall Peace
Take reign
Allowing the restless
Persecution of myself
To cease
And my conscience to
Take it's much-needed

---pamela 2/22/2010

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Jenny and Pamela

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