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Page ThirtyNine


On the first plane
Bus or train
Going Nowhere Somewhere
As soon as I buy my ticket

No luggage to weigh
Me down
Only my jacket
To fend off a breeze
While I try to seize
Moments in time

Not future, not past
But ones that will last
In my memory
And heart
So shall they be
Then, and only when,
My voyager is over
Will my forever bed await me

Six feet under
Put asunder
No difference
Between Now and Then
Except to me
And the wind in my hair
One last time
Let me breathe
Some Freedom Air...

pamela---July 9, 2009


Gotta go somewhere...
Anywhere, Times Square...
Don't have money affording
Comfortable way,
Nor companion to keep
Harm at bay

Will settle for any place
Take 2 steps
Not sure of my pace
Have fallen on my face
So I do know
That all is not well
Historics not hysterics

Being Prisoner of myself
Is pure Hell
Just want to go to a
Mountaintop; scream and yell

When my eyes are shut
No noise, Ifs Ands or Buts
My mind will take me
Body follows along
Like an orchestra
Finally working together
How I wish it were

----pamela---July 11, 2009


Nothing as it seems
Can't help but
Coming apart at the seams...

----pamela July 12, 2005

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