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Page ThirtyTwo


Trying ever so hard
To make progress,
Climb that mountain
Or, at least,
Take one step at a time,
Seeking refreshment
From a Miracle Fountain
Then moving on,
One step at a time
With care,beware
Only to start over
Dush myself off
Briefly take cover
For rest, longing to digest
Reasons why
And then, it starts again;
To keep on going
Until I've won
The never-ending melee
Up the Down Stairway...

---pamela June, 2009


Where can one turn to
When the world doeth
Seems to betray
All the is supposed
To be good and true
Seemingly now rare
Down on knees in Prayer

Begging for mercy
Knowing not why
Just hoping for justice
If something is awry
Make it right,let me have
More peace tomorrow
Then was allowed today

pamela---June 2009


A rainbow mesh
Of everyday ideas
Sometimes taking a back seat
To the black and whites
Of start reality
All combined to create
A pyramid of Todays,
Tomorrows and Yesterdays
Based on Thoughts
Supported by actions
Intertwined with
What will Be's
Mingled with the
Epitomy of Feeling
What we do...
Where we go...Defining our Soul...


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Jenny and Pamela

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