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Page Twenty


While the world sleeps
In a wonderland slumber
Peaceful at day's end.

I lie awake.

For my mind is like a clock
Ticking away the memories
Of regrets spent
In days gone by
Adding up schemes
Of better days to come
Yet afraid of hopes
to shatter into crumbs.

I lie awake.

My mind still screams
While all I want is dreams.



She makes them laugh
With a sense of bravado
And keeps busy, overwhelmed
Mounting tasks head to toe.

Sometimes misunderstood
Trying too hard to dart
The ongoing hurt, lonliness
Privately felt in her heart.

But if one looked hard enough
Would be found
The overt gestures
Through the years
Is the facade for hiding
The Jester's tears.

Weep all that you can
Do not hide
For there is no shame
Or loss of pride
For being only human
And sometimes afraid
The best plans of many
Were made and then strayed.

Follow your heart
Be true to your soul
Show kindness to others
You will find no better goal.

Not by any fault
But what is handed us
Unfortunately, Life is not a map
It's course has no compass.



Minute by minute,
Hour by hour.
Time rules what is next
That will make
Or will break
Who, What, Where we are

In every way,
Every day
The bridge to Fate
Is cast to wait.



One desires...
Also admires...
Things failures think
They cannot have.

One thing is missing
The knack of trying
To inspire, not crying

Envy is the culprit
For lack of want
But is instead the clue
Continuing to taunt
The ability we all have
To try, accomplish and do.


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Poetry by:
Jenny and Pamela

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Jenny and Pamela

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