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Page ThirtyFive

"True To Thyself"

'Tis shame hysteria
People-Crowds display
Like clouds choking out
Many a possible sunray
Like pollution but with this
Mostly out of fright
Sculpting rumors
Taking fight
Crawl back under their rocks
Awaiting to betray

It takes courage
To stand up for what
Ye believes in
Especially when the
Try their best
To slay Thy name
It is then,
The word is in vain...

Do not fear to
Display feathers
Others will know
That one is Chief
And follow in
Thy leadership
Which is for the
Good of all
Even enemies

Living true to Honesty
One must know thyself
It is the people
With the pointed fingers
And forked tongues
That have cracked mirrors...

----pamela may 2009


You came to mind tonight
And obviously more
For me to have the need
To write about
Long-time feelings pent up,
Have the need to pour

Working on the poetry site
Always helps to stir
Ethereal thoughts

Maybe I should use it
As a regular "No Tell Hotel"
To visit and get in touch
With things I need to
Regularly explore

But am afraid to go near them
Using "being too busy"
As a convenient crutch

In the distance,
Your laughter is barely heard
Or is that a storm
Starting up miles away
No, maybe right here
In my heart

It is late, too late
To entertain feelings
That will take me where
I don't want to go
And need to so...

Tomorrow is just
Another dull day
Perhaps I will write you then
With more burning desires;
Secret compassions and
The compulsion of knowing

---pamela the past

More coming soon
Please stay tuned...

More coming soon
Please stay tuned...

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