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Along the water, time seems to stand still. The only movement are the waves crashing back to shore time and time again as I come crashing back to you and all time is forgotten.



Silently awaiting, for nothing really there,
It comes and goes when pleases, just a glassy stare.

You sit and watch me thinking, until the day is born,
A carefree child so yearning, for the early morn.

The soothing sounds unfolding, the walls of my illusions like words upon the wind, back to realization, let confusion in.

Then you start your dreaming, of places far and wide
Does he really love me, you sat down and cried.

I think I understand now, how imagination works,
A pleading for remembrance of forgotten births.
..... Jenny


I went to talk to you but, you were not there.

I needed to touch you, if only to hold your hand but, you were not there.

I woke up, tired, scared, I do not have much of a weak side for I cannot afford to, not with what life has dealt me.

I must be strong, with armor to combat and keep going but, to you only you, I am not afraid to show my weakness, because I know you don't mind.

You know I am much more than that yet, I do have my foibles and they seem to be loved by you along with the rest of me too.

I longed to feel you near but, you were not there.


Tonight I got a wake up call and it was one that hurt alot.

A story about time gone by
and getting another chance
To dance a dance that was never completed, one that I thought had ended.

That special day you found me again
I could not believe my eyes seeing you before me; I had given up so many years gone by that your presence instantly made me cry with joy and surprise.

Sadness too for I knew you were probably not alone and when I finally asked what I had to, I found out the answer was true. You are committed, one on one but the ecstasy of finding each other made my heart sing out and my mind not think too.

Every day since, you have been in my heart and a smile long gone has returned.
I looked forward to waking again, it's been so long since I felt that glee. My last relationship left me. I said "No More", along with other problems, just trying to survive was my whole life until you came along again and I once again could sing.

It was obvious that things would change; we were always meant to be through thick and thin and even absence, Soulmates we would stay.

Then tonight, on Xmas eve, while talking on the phone some things were said that made me realize I was dancing this dance alone.


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Poetry by:
Jenny and Pamela

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Jenny and Pamela

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