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Page Twenty One


When the world is heavy
And pressures not light
Everyone needs a place
To seek peaceful plight.

If you close your eyes
And clear your mind
Allow your whole being
To relax and unwind
Pretend you are something
Or somewhere that's not
Anywhere special,
It's your own gifted thought

And go there, hurry now,
Catch the next cloud leaving
Sooner then later
You will feel the relieving.

Think of a place isolated
Reserved; a tailor-made quest
Tranquility transpires
Welcome to Dreamfall Forest."

.....Pamela 2007


Sometimes fair but oftimes not,
Bearing glare unpredicatable
Plants,Lakes,Pretty as pictures
Of celebration, then suffering.

Tend to dart
Tearing lives apart
Basking, yet recovering,
Tough Love.

Eat what's planted
But lose the crop
Don't take for granted
Not one little drop.
Only momentarily seasons
Give another chance
It is constant
Give-take dance

Instilling lessons of life
Just like a mother..."

....Pamela 2007


Hands of time march on
All modern becomes newer
Not soon enough
The root of what is
Nature, Life and Breath
Becomes fewer.

Contrasting conductors
Struggle for balance
Beg us to slow down

Behold technology
Futuristic world
The loss of beauty
Root of good and evil
While inventors
Do their duty.

"Race to the Moon"
Pride has no mind
Needing to be first
Leads the great debate
While mankind
Slowly suffocates.

.... Pamela 2007


A gender unto itself
Separated not only by
Unique chromosomes
But by characteristics
A different Breed
Wonderfully particular syndromes.

Species Identified
Bonded yet alone
Always there
A place to call Home

Although, given enough space,
Universal enough to lead
Against arms and war
Parading for Peace
From the masses
Hear the roar

Which would not be
If the Girth which gave
Birth to nations
Were never to be.

....Pamela 2007

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Jenny and Pamela

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