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Feeling compassion
Is a blessing so dear

When it is missing
The heart and soul
Seem empty; yet sincere
With an overwhelming
Lack of something

If only one could
Explain what it is
In simple plain terms
Perhaps the hurt
Would turn to
Understandable words
Instead of guarded swords

The Cross would also
Be easier to bear and
In the midst of confusion
Have the capability to convey
The answers sought with pray
Instead of too oftimes
Complicated, complex
And put at bay....

----pamela August 21, 2009


Suddenly I wake
Trying to shake off
The nightmares
Which leave me
Confused and dazed;
Not knowing if it is Oz
Where I be
Or, perhaps, in sleep
My time had come
To rest in peace

as consiousness rouses,
Feeling pain of the flesh
And ache in my heart
Tear at me
No, rescue was not to be
Not now anyway

The real nightmare is when
Wake is here
This was sleep
That all too oftimes mirrors
The torment

Where to go?
I try running
But the horror
Comes with me
Accompanied by my
Which once was friend
Now another nemesis,
All chasing me
Down an alleyway
Called Life

Envisioning mystical
Calling out to God
Brings no relief...

----pamela sept 3, 2009

More coming soon
Please stay tuned...

More coming soon
Please stay tuned...

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