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Biography of Scarlet

     The artist, Scarlet, makes her home in Chicago, Illinois.

     Her art qualifies under many categories. Techo, Digital, Imagery, Modern, Surreal, and Abstract are the most appropriate descriptions.

     Scarlet uses the internet as her pallette and canvas, mixing them with a vivid imagination. She produces a wide array of creations, be it scenic, people, animal or politically oriented statements.

     Having been offered a modeling contract by the Eileen Ford Agency in New York while professionally modeling during high school, Scarlet instead chose to go to college where she completed her undergraduate studies in psychology and philosophy. She later received a master's degree in psychology and while attending medical school for a year, she studied Psychiatry.

     However, due to lack of further scholarships and funds, and an opportunisitic set of circumstances, Scarlet found herself in New York for training and, from there, as a software MVS computer analyst with IBM.

     With a promising career of management near at hand, this artist was suddenly struck down by disabilities, arising from a spinal disorder not previously diagnosed at a younger age.

     Forced to give up the computer career, Scarlet became licensed as a commodities trading analyst. This, too, became too much of an endeavor for a handicapped person

Because of "at the tme" trial implants, with surgeries she was made "bionic", installed with computer implants. Although not able to tolerate a full-time 9-5 job, she is now able to do things the handicap knocked her down with.

     Using what resources she had to work with, Scarlet turned to the internet and found a way to utilize the tools available to establish herself as an artist.

     On her birthday morn, April 9th, 2003 Scarlet awoke with the first signs of a brain tumor. She was then hospitalized. Doctors told her that because of the tumor's location it could not be biopsied, nor operated on without jeopardizing her sight, and / or her life.

     Scarlet sought radiation treatment which, unfortunately, did not stop the growth. She has recently been diagnosed with even more tumors in other locations of her body and is waiting to undergo extensive testing to see what treatment plan may or may not be ordered.

     Scarlet's logic at this point "That which does not kill me, makes me stronger". She oversees and teaches a group of aspiring digital imagery artists online, in a Digital Imagery Newsgroup.

     The artist reasons that she is kept so busy she has absolutely no time to dwell on what may or may not be, and refuses to let her circumstances get her down.

     "Negative energy is energy wasted", she surmises and continues to do as much as she can each and every day to keep active.

     Among Scarlet's hobbies are creating art, deep-sea fishing, traveling, reading, and web design.

     She now pursues a full-time career using her talents as an artist, teacher, graphic designer and programmer.

UPDATE; Due to new treatments. Pamela continues graphic design and teaching art.

If you care to write to her and/or if you are interested in having a custom website made, you can contact her at

Biography researched and written by:
James L. Davis

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