Hi all,,,Scarlet here...
with my latest Gallery

The name symbolizes coming back after a very long time of being gone
battling many different health issues, numerous surgeries, alot of pain, an unbelievable amount of time in the hospital and rehab
but , most of all, coming all too close to losing my life
more than once

It was the Grace of God to enable me to still be alive.

I also gained much support from those who stood by me and also wrote.
Energy from others' caring gave me great strength.
**a special thanks to Lefty who supported me daily and to Princess Pink who literally kept me hoping and not allowing me to give up, who was "there" in so many ways when she could not be and was even able to make me laugh.
(private joke...)
They did this in order to help me fight the battle of my life...

Now I am
back home and on my way to healing.


and intend to make it the whole way.
Here is some of my latest work.
I am virtually re-learning many many things about Imaging...

October 8, 2009
Things have been a roller-coaster for me. Given some emergencies and further stays in the hospitals, I have been, for the most part, home since the end of 2008.

"There is no place like home, no matter what"
There are some serious issues to be decided in regards to my "being". However, never having kept anything from people who follow me as an Artist and truly care where this Journey is leading, I , myself, am at a loss for answers at this time.
Would the word FEAR be explanation enough?
We all , in some way or another, are in a "terminal" state such that we are all bound to die at some point.
I am torn...For me, it is "please not yet"
There is still so much that my life is calling out yet to do, at the same time, pain and the agony of not knowing what the next minute's surprise might be, is hard to take.

It is no way to live...
We do not decide these things, though...

Te Namaste,
Scarlet Pirate Voyager

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Everything I do,
Everything I make
is for my Mother
who passed away in 2005.

Together Forever...

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