"Pieces Of Me"


Hi all,,,Scarlet here...
aka the Artist Pamela Witzke

with my Imagery, spanning over half a year
presented in GALLERY 8 "Pieces Of Me"

As always, it has been a very busy year with Art, Teaching, Writing, new Websites and various other projects

My health is still going downhill and I had a very serious operation which kept me in the hospital over a month.
Still recovering from that and the other issues that have still been going on,
the happiness that good Friends, laughter and Hope bring me are, in themselves, what keeps me going on.


One of the biggest gifts of all is being able to see yet more and more people carrying on the Art form of Extreme Imagery,
which is my passion.
Without being able to do much of anything else, it has been my saving grace.
However, it is getting to be time I step down and my big concern is for the "Torch" that has been my constant companion all of these years be picked up by someone else who loves it as much as I do.

Please enjoy the latest collection of my Imagery.

It is a part of my Soul and what you see are


Te Namaste,
Scarlet Pirate Voyager

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(you, too, can become adept in making these Images),

Everything I do,
Everything I make
is for my Mother
who passed away in 2005.

Together Forever...

Also, this Gallery is dedicated to those who supported mei when I so very much needed their caring and kindness

To the people who have stood by me for all of these years and continue to...
You know who you are and
I love you for it

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