O, Babes wrapped in swaddling clothes, what did the world let happen to you?

Whilest the rest of the children worried about shining new bikes,
what Santa would not forget and throwing tantrums
because they had too much on their plates...

Your pets were rats, play toys were rocks found in the barb-wire yards coupled with any imagination you could muster up while your nostrils were filled with the stench of your parents burning in the ovens.
If you were lucky, tonight you would accidentally get an extra spoonful of watered-down broth or,
better yet, during line-up you would be lucky enough to be shoved in the back, far away from the barrels of the Gestapos, randomly blowing the brains out of skulls for amusement.

Children of the Holocaust, millions that there were, how many prayers went unsaid for you?

As the world turned it's head, half hoping it was not true, the other half trying to get to you but outnumbered by the Madman's puppets

God knew...watched...cared...
It was not in vain for now you sit with your wings in heaven's highest ranks.

---- Pamela 2008

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Poetry from "TIME VOYAGERS"

Created by Pamela Witzke
All Rights Reserved

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